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What is ? is an software investment platform which utilizes advanced software to make investment decisions on your behalf within norms/limits agreed with you. We believe that with retail investors becoming more and more aware of choices, the market is set to grow. However, investing in instruments like equity, debt, commodity etc usually is treated with much trepidation and fear by Investors - particularly in retail as most investors either do not have time or may not be professional traders.

At BullsExchange, we wanted to bring the power of big data computing, advanced statistics and machine learning to make more money for you. Our software keeps and eye out on thousands of stocks in real time and taking decisions faster and more consistently than any human can. Our platform is tested and in use by many large firms for a long time - and now this is available to you as well.

At bullsexchange, it is our endeavour to make participation in high growth investments super simple. Simply speaking, our software platforms provide recommendations and basis your approval on a daily basis, appropriate execution happens.

What do you do, what others don’t ?

There are several things that set us apart.

  • Firstly, most software out there today is very complex and only does a part of trading, whether it is analysis or execution. BullsExchange is the first and only to bring this whole thing togethar, in an easy to use robust platform for retail users, made by an highly experienced team. In addition, Bullsexchange chooses to diversify your funds in the most optimal manner automatically - usually in a spread of equity, options and futures depending on your risk appetite.
  • Secondly, Your money stays with you - that is, in your broking account held in your name. All credits and withdrawals from this account are done by you.
  • Third, we believe in transparency. We provide a high degree of transparency on the performance of your portfolio on a real time basis against many other mechanisms which declare performance on a monthly/quarterly basis. You can at any point of time login and using the broker provided portal look at the current state of your investment along with current holdings, open orders etc if you wish so. Otherwise, we anyway will send you a simple to understand, daily summary of where your portfolio.
  • Fourth, we make money when you do. As outlined in our rate card, we only start making money once you have earned above 2% returns in a given month. So unlike many other avenues, we have absolutely no conflict of interest. Your growth = our growth.
  • Fifth, we bring the most advanced software capabilities to your fingertips - this kind of technology is only otherwise available to large investment groups. All you need to do is click a button to provide your approvals and allow our systems to execute the recommendations. Our software analyzes thousands of instruments in real time across a variety of market segments and sifts out the best for you.
  • Lastly, we are putting your capital hard at work so you can get in months what other investment strategies will do in years.
How do you manage risk ?

Our algorithms are optimized to maximize your returns with no human intervention. After your account is activated, we send a daily reminder to you to login and approve investments for the day.

Risk management is an essential but often overlooked prerequisite to successful active trading. After all, a trader who has generated substantial profits over his or her lifetime can lose it all in just one or two bad trades if proper risk management isn't employed.
The issue is around human consistency. As humans, we tend to behave inconsistently in terms of crisis. Unlike humans, our systems and algorithms execute flawlessly against strategy and over time deliver consistent profits.
In this data and era of algorithmic trading, where a machine can crunch and keep an eye on thousands of stocks and take decisions in a lightning fast manner, it is no surprise that most amateur traders lose money on the markets and are disheartened enough to never try trading again. The key here is to stay invested and employ very solid principles for entry and exit. These rules and principles are the foundation of our system.
Our algorithms choose the best stocks everyday and are optimized to maximize your returns with no human intervention.

Is there a lock-in?

There is no lock in period. Some days will be winners and some days will be losers, hence expect returns over a month given market fluctuations. Analyzing the history, We strongly encourage our customers to stay invested using our platform the entire month in order to maximize returns. In addition, if you do discontinue mid month, you are not eligible for the 2% Commission Free ROI slab.

Why is there a monthly deduction from my account ?

Our software is basically operating against your trading account. Much like people use portals, software systems use API's provided by the broking platform. Bullsexchange utilizes this API's to execute trades. The API is however not free. Our existing broking partner charges the account holder a fixed sum per month (currently Rs. 2000/- per month). Note that the API charge deduction is done directly by the broker on a monthly advance basis.

Do I need to login everyday ?

You will receive a mail with recommendations by midnight every day. The mail will contain a link to approve the trades.

For regulatory reasons, if you do not login on a given day, we cannot initiate trade for you. You need to login every trading day in order to be eligible for the upto 2% no-commission benefit. In case you do miss approval on a particular trading day, you will be charged 20% commission for your entire return for the period (instead of a commission free return slab of 2%).

As an example, in April, you logged in every single day (say there were 17 trading days in that month), and your return was 8% for the full month - in this case the commission we will charge you will be 20% of (8%-2%) = 1.2%. In contrast, in another month, say you missed a couple of days and your return (still) was 8%, our commission would be 20% of 8% = 1.6%. It is in your interest to login as many times as possible so that your capital is put to use at the maximum while giving you benefit of lower commission slabs.

On certain days, you will see that no fresh orders will be initiated, but the system might be waiting for the right exit point instead for a current position. .

Why this emphasis on logging in daily ?

Algorithmic or Automated Trading regulatory norms are still evolving. Currently, it is required that account holders login and trigger the proposed recommendations by the system. If you fail to login, the system cannot automatically log in. Once you login, the system has temporary access to your account so that the recommended trades can be executed.

Tell me more about your trading strategies ?

We utilize a mix of instruments across equity, options and futures depending on your investment level. In the future, we plan to multiple plans so that you can choose appropriate risk/reward levels. Currently, we optimize the spread with a goal of getting single digit returns per month.

How and when do I pay you ?

You would be receiving an automated invoice with an online payment link at the end of every month. You would have 3 business days to clear our payment else trading would be disabled on your account till the time our payment is cleared. We only accept online payments directly paid via the link provided in the Invoice. In certain circumstances, where ROI has exceeded 10% returns for the capital deployed for the current month, we will invoice you at the end of the week itself.

How can I withdraw or top up money in my account ?

You can place a withdrawals and deposits only between 3:35 pm and 5:00 pm hours on trading days. Under no circumstances, should you withdraw during the time trading is on, as the algorithms have taken into account availability of funds. Learn how to withdraw or topup here.

Can I exit anytime?

You can stop trading with us and request account closure anytime by writing to Note that in certain cases, your account might be holding open positions and hence those part of the funds wouldn't be available immediately. position holding time is usually between 1-5 days. This means that parts of your funds may be unavailable for withdrawal during this short term. At this point, we would like to emphasize you should always deploy funds with a full month timeframe in order to maximize returns. You will need to clear our pro-rated dues for that period before your account with bullsexchange is closed in case you do decide to discontinue services. In cases of non payment, we will permanently blacklist the account holder from investing further with us anytime in the future. Once you exit Bullsexchange, we will also shut down the API access on your account so that you do not incur those charges from the next cycle.

Can I manually cancel or place any trades while my account is being used by BullsExchange ?

NO. You cannot trade on the account manually while the system is using your account. While you will see at all times, the trades being done by the system. The user should not attempt to manually change any open orders or place cancellations or in general perform trades while BullsExchange is running on the account. BullsExchange is not liable for losses under any circumstances.

Are you guaranteeing 10% returns a month ?

NO. We do not guarantee returns. Nobody can predict the market with certainty. However, statistically, over a longer period, our systems give you greater returns than all other options including trading on your own. Of course, if you are a professional trader with a strong mathematical inclination, domain understanding of the financial markets and a coding background, it is quite possible that you are better off trading on your own. For the rest, is still your best and most painless route to investing for high growth.

Explain the commission structure ?

We charge you 20% of whatever you have earned above 2% monthly return. So as an example, if you earned 10% ROI for a given month, we would charge you 20% of 8% = 1.6% of your full month return. In case, you choose to discontinue with Bullsexchange, then the commission for the month will be calculated from 0% itself. As an example, if you choose to quit on July 15th and your returns in that month till date are 5%, then we would charge 20% on the full 5% = 1% return.

Example 1: You invest Rs. 1 Lakh and join Bullsexchange on 15th of a month. You gain 3% in that period. In this case, since you have not been with us for the full month, we will charge you 20% of 3% = 0.6% = Rs. 600/- + Taxes.

Example 2: You are in your second month with us and the average balance was Rs. 1 Lakhs. You were with us for the full month and logged in daily. You gain 10% in that period. In this case, you have been with us for the full month, and the full month return was 10% = Rs. 10,000/-. We would charge you 20% of 8% (8% is the ROI above the free 2% slab). 8% is Rs. 8000 and 20% of that is Rs. 1600. We would charge you Rs. 1600 + Taxes.

Example 3: You have spent the full month with us. Average balance was Rs. 1 Lakh. You had losses (say 5%) in that period. In this case, you have been with us for the full month, and the full month return was -5%. Since your return is less than 2%, we would not charge you any commission for this period. Note that the brokerage will continue charging your account for the API fees as well as the daily brokerage.

Example 4: You decide to quit Bullsexchange before the month is complete. Your average daily balance was Rs. 1 Lakh and your returns for the month are 10%. In this case, you are deciding to discontinue. Since you are prematurely terminating, and your month return > 0%, we would invoice you for 20% of the ROI = 10% in this case = 20% of Rs. 10,000 = Rs. 2000 + taxes.

You mean I don't pay you anything if my return is under 2% for a given month ?

That is right ! We only charge you 20% of whatever you earn over 2%. So if you net earn 3% in a month, our charges would be 20% of (3%-2%) = 0.2%. However, if you don't trade for the full month, then we would charge you 20% of the full return. As an example, if your return was 5%, and you discontinued trading mid month, in that case, we would charge you 20% of 5% = 1%. The commission free slab is only available if you stay invested the whole month.

What brokerage do you charge ?

We do not charge any brokerage. However, the broker will directly debit appropriate brokerage charges before crediting your account. Visit zerodha for more details. The broker also charges your account Rs. 2000/- month flat for API access so our systems can trade on it. We only take a commission when your return exceeds 2% in a given month. We charge you 20% of all earnings above 2%.

How many accounts can I create ?

As many as you want, providing they have different email and phone numbers.

Passwords - do I need to share those with you ?

Yes. Initially, we will require this for the initial API setup. In addition, we would need to very occasionally, during emergencies or on your request, manually login to your account on your behalf. Your password is completely secure and all access is logged.

Will you utilize all the funds in my account for trading?

Bullsexchange will automatically maximize usage of your funds and may also use margins in order to balance the risk/return on your portfolio. It is also possible that Market liquidity on certain target instruments might be limited due to which the software makes cautious choices on the amount of trading per day. Is there no risk involved ?

Yes. There is always risk involved when investing in the stock market. The market is beyond anyone's control. However, through our systems, we minimize risk and maximize returns. Any one providing guaranteed returns is misleading you on how the market works. Our systems help you to minimize the probability of failure and maximize successes over several days. Think of it like this: If you trade 100 days and you win for atleast 51 while losing 49, you are still making money. Our historical 6 month track record is that we make money on 7 out of 10 trading days.

How do you exactly compute the ROI ?

ROI is calculated on a daily basis and is mathematically = (Net earnings after brokerage)/(Daily Opening Balance). This is summed up across the full month (or pro-rated for that period) to arrive at the returns for the month.

Any minimum balance I should maintain ?

Given that the API charges itself are Rs. 2000/- per month, we suggest that you keep your balance above 1 Lakh at any given time.

I already have a Zerodha account - how do I start ?

Register with us and provide your existing Zerodha userID. This allows BullsExchange to utilize your existing account - however, note that we charge 30% commission and do not give the 2% commission free slab in case you utilize an existing account. You can also open a new account with us (with a different email and mobile number) to avail the 2% commission free slab and the 20% commission plan.

I got a mail saying that my account sign up has been waitlisted ?

There is always a certain amount of trading possible due to various conditions like market liquidity, instruments chosen for trading etc. Thus periodically, as we get close to the upper limits of trading in the market, we stop accepting new accounts till the software has been adjusted for larger liquidity. In all such cases, we maintain a account waitlisting process by which new signup's will be waitlisted and activated when possible. Our existing customers always take priority over new sign ups.

What are the maximum losses or profits I can expect in a day ?

This would be summarized for you on a daily basis in the recommendation mail which you would approve for the next trading day. This changes day by day basis current market conditions, but in generally the software would cut your losses to under 10-12% on a given day. Maximum upsides have been known to be as high as 25% on a given day depending on the leverage, instruments used and market volatility amongst many other factors. Note that these are extreme conditions. Most trading days, expect profits (and losses) to range between -3% to +3%. And like we already said, the strategy is to maximize winning days and minimize loss making days.

I would like to setup a meeting to meet your team. How do I do that ?

Please send a mail to and we'll setup either an in-person meeting or Skype session as mutually convinient.

Is Zerodha and the same ?

No. Zerodha is a brokerage firm and host your trading account. We have created the software layer which runs on top of this trading/broker account. The two are unrelated business entities.

Why can't the approvals for trading happen before midnight and before 0830 hours the next day?

As per regulatory reasons, the end user needs to login and approve placement on the suggested trades on the same calendar day. Furthermore, the underlying platform from Zerodha also requires us to do this.

Can I switch my machine off ? Can I use a phone to approve trades ?

Yes - After you have approved the trades, you can switch your machine (=Laptop, Phone etc - whatever was used to open on a browser). You can use any kind of browser from a phone or PC to approve trades. Simply login to after you receive the recommendation alert and you will automatically be taken to the approval page.

Please summarize all the different charges.

There are 3 different charges:
(a) Trade/Transaction charge as charged by the broker: this is directly debited from the trade and net credited to your account. All our returns are computed post the transaction.
(b) API charges: Zerodha will directly be debiting the same from your account. So if you get 10% in a month, then the first 2% is commission free, and we will charge
you 20% of (10%-2%) = 1.6%. If the investment amount was Rs. 1 Lakh, then our commission invoice would be Rs. 1600/- + Taxes. API charges will come out of your net ROI.
(c) Our commission (20% of whatever you earn above 2%): This is what we invoice you for end of every month.

Can I do manual trading on your account?

No. You cannot do any manual trades on your account - this could lead to all kinds of accounting and systemic mistakes. Under these circumstances, we will have to suspend trading on your account.

How is returns calculated if I top-up mid month?

Returns are calculated on a daily basis. We look at your opening balance. We then calculate your closing balance by adding your currently held position value plus the available cash. The difference between the Closing Balance and Opening Balance gives us the Net returns of the day.

This is then cumulatively summed up during the course of the month. At the end of the month, the net return is the sum of individual daily returns. Commission is then accordingly calculated.

Will you adjust my profit or losses from one month into the next ?

Each month's accounting is computed on a stand alone basis. There is no carry forward of gains or losses between months.

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