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667 Fixed Deposit
1,000 Mutual Funds
10,471 BullsExchange
Upto @10% monthly

About Us

Why we started Bullsexchange...

We all are very careful with our money and therefore for decades, everyone has put their hard earned savings in relatively secure instruments like FD's, Bonds, Savings Banks etc. This is now changing.

With the economy and inflation and interest rates being what they are, it is no longer enough for any individual to think of traditional savings instruments as savings. In reality, the same amount of money is probably worth less after the savings instruments matures. Braver souls have tried out equity, mutual funds and the like and most have exited with losses. Stock markets have to approached with caution and unlike traditional investments requires close monitoring of the markets. is India's first software system for the retail investor. Our sophisticated software will provide recommendations and basis your daily approval takes care of the all the minute to minute transactions with a single click from your end. You do not need to understand either stock markets or software to use our software.

Isn't this what funds and banks do ?

Many Banks and Mutual funds provide periodic investment suggestions. Acting on those investment suggestions and exiting at the right time is still left upto you. In addition, most portfolio management firms only relook at markets passively - once every few weeks. Unlike others, is monitoring your funds and investments in real time. Our software, with your daily approval, will invest on an intra-day and short term (typically less than a few days) basis your funds in various instruments (equity to begin with). You always have full control on your funds and minute by minute visibility on what is happening. We also do not levy any hidden charges - instead, we work on a commission basis - so when you earn money, we do. There is no hidden agenda.

Getting started

The first step is registering with us so that we can get the process started. This can be done by clicking here. Once that is done, we'll get the brokerage company (Zerodha) to get in touch with you for collecting of your documents. The only thing you require is a PAN Card, Address proof and 1 photo along with a nominal account opening cheque (issued to the broker) for Rs. 600/-.

Once this is done, you'll receive activation mails from the brokerage partner. At this point, you can now activate your bullsexchange account by providing us access to your brokerage account. will now start sending you trading recommendations on various equities - you will need to explicitly approve them to enable bullsexchange for the software to submit trades on your behalf. We provide an easy approve system through mail itself.

Your money stays with you !

Use your existing broker. Our system works on top of your account. All you need to do is provide your approval daily on the recommendation mail by our system. A single click and we take care of the rest. The best part is that the money stays under your control all the time. Our system takes your permission to directly trade on your behalf. We only get paid when you earn over 2% monthly !

Risk Management

Our algorithms are optimized to maximize your returns with no human intervention. After your account is activated, we send a daily reminder to you to login and approve investments for the day.

Risk management is an essential but often overlooked prerequisite to successful active trading. After all, a trader who has generated substantial profits over his or her lifetime can lose it all in just one or two bad trades if proper risk management isn't employed.
The issue is around human consistency. As humans, we tend to behave inconsistently in terms of crisis. Unlike humans, our systems and algorithms execute flawlessly against strategy and over time deliver consistent profits
. In this data and era of algorithmic trading, where a machine can crunch and keep an eye on thousands of stocks and take decisions in a lightning fast manner, it is no surprise that most amateur traders lose money on the markets and are disheartened enough to never try trading again.
Our algorithms choose the best stocks everyday and are optimized to maximize your returns with no human intervention.

Full transparency

Our algorithms decipher market movements and do the hard work for you. Since you retain full control of your broking account, you always know your balance and returns. Since it is your account, we cannot withdraw or deposit to that account. We ask for your permission on a daily basis so if you ever want to sit out, you can. We earn when you earn !

Our Charges

  • Returns are calculated basis monthly cycles from 1st of every month or pro-rated for the month of joining.
  • The first 2% of your return is commission Free if you stay with us for the full month and if your broking account is opened through us.
  • Please note that if your brokerage account isn't opened through us, we charge a 30% commission (but your first 2% returns per month remains commission-free.
  • Pro-rated commission of returns (>0% for the month) till date in case of premature termination or you choose to withdraw funds in the middle of the month.
  • In case, you withdraw or deposit excess funds, the working principal is considered to be the opening balance in your trading account for each traded day.
  • The broker charges Rs. 2000/- per month which will be deducted directly from your trading account as part of API charges (to enable our software to access your trading account). Bullsexchange does not levy any charges apart from our commission.
  • We recommend that you keep your brokerage balance above Rs. 1 Lakh at all times.
  • Dips and Rises are normal in the market. Though we keep very tight stop losses and automated square offs for you, it is normal to expect dips in the current position against your investment.

Our Promise

Zero efforts
Always available
Safe and secure